farmer’s market salad: beets, sunflower sprouts, zucchini, and micro greens with avocado-dill dressing

yesterday i went to the farmer’s market like i do most sunday mornings. this time, i was meeting an old college friend who was in town for a visit-which (other than being a very pleasant sunday morning catching up with a dear friend) meant i didn’t pay attention to the beautifully abundant amazingly fresh southern california produce as i typically do. by the time we were done eating (i had indian food, my husband and my friend had delicious fish tacos) and chatting, the farmer’s were shutting down their stations! after we said our goodbyes, i rushed around and bought the last of the produce from my favorite vendors-i picked up (the usual) avocados, sunflower sprouts, radish micro-greens, organic zucchini, good looking deep orange beets, some fresh dill, and two large bunches of organic basil that was on sale for a dollar a bunch! not my typical choices (i rarely buy beets), but i was happy not to go home empty handed. today i made this deliciously good for you salad incorporating all the farmer’s market produce for lunch. as long as you make the {avocado-dill} dressing, you can substitute any or all of the salad ingredients and still enjoy the most refreshing and delicious salad you’ve had in a while. promise.

1. peel and thinly slice the beets and cook in a small amount of lightly salted water for a few quick minutes until just tender.

2. make the dressing:

avocado-dill dressing (about 1 cup):

  • 1 avocado
  • juice of 1 lemon (or large lime)
  • 3-4 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt & freshly ground pepper (to taste)
  • a small bunch of fresh dill (2-3 tbs chopped)
  • a few basil leaves (2-3 tbs, chopped)
blend it all together in a blender or food processor.


3. on individual plates start with the sliced beets, then top with a julienne (as in sliced long and thin) of zucchini-you can cut the zucchini by hand or with a mandolin or in the food processor (or even grate it).

4. top with sunflower sprouts and (radish) micro-greens (these are rather spicy-love them). you can substitute bean sprouts and any microgreens here. add a few sprigs of dill to the top.

5. drizzle with the dressing before serving.

6. easy-good for you-simply delicious.
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