sprouted bread, raw organic honey, and almond butter: a (new) favorite breakfast

organic raw honey

every time you look in the bread aisle of the market these days there seems to be a new kind of sprouted bread* popping up. even though i’ve been tempted to try these breads several times before, they always seem hard and heavy, and back on the shelf they go. certain things look much more appetizing when you’re on a restricted diet, though- and so the sprouted bread came to my rescue recently when i was well, restricting myself! i went to the natural food market and bought some (the one that felt the lightest) reluctantly, with a container of almond butter** (bye bye peanuts) and a jar of raw organic honey*** ( you know, farewell, sugar)! in the morning, half an hour after drinking my lemon water (oh i’m being so good), i toasted a slice of the bread, and it popped up looking nice and crunchy. i spread a thin coat of the almond butter (it’s really just ground up almonds), and a super thin (reeeeaaaally trying, here) layer of the raw honey. wow. it was so tasty and satisfying (not just because i was restricting myself), and good for you all wrapped up in one. i have had this combination for breakfast every single day since-three loaves of sprouted bread later, and i still look forward to it every morning. coffee with it? absolutely!

natural almond butter (no additives)
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